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Heidi's Nail Solution

  • .75 oz jar $9.50ea 12/case $114

  • 2 oz jar $17.50ea 6/case $105

  • Nail Solution Tester $4.75

Our protein rich nail strengthener and cuticle repair creme nourishes & repairs nails,giving

flexible strength and a healthy glow. Enriched with soybean protein, cottonseed oil, lanolin,

oil of cashmere and vitamin E. This treatment is equally popular for both men and women.

  1. Contains more protein than any competitive nail treatment cream

  2. Grow your own natural nails for less than the cost of a manicure

  3. Visibly improves the health of weak, thin, acrylic damaged nails in 7-10 days

  4. Supports natural nail growth and repairs hangnails, rough, dry cuticles in 1-3 days

  5. Non-greasy, absorbs instantly

Heidi's Creme Deluxe

  • 4 oz tube $12.50ea 12/case $150

  • 8 oz jar $19.50ea 6/case $117

  • Creme Deluxe Tester $6.25

Heidi's Creme Deluxe® re-hydrates and protects dry, irritated and sensitive skin with regular use. Non-sticky Shea and Coco butters restore while providing protection throughout three hand washings, after each application.  Restore your dry skin to a smooth texture, without oily residue. Excellent for diabetic skin and skin affected by psoriasis and eczema.  Creme Deluxe also makes an excellent body moisturizer and has a light Freesia scent.

Heidi's Velvet heels Repair Balm

  • 4 oz tube $9ea 12/case $108

  • Velvet Heels Tester $4.50

Our cutting-edge formula works quickly to nourish and repair heels in three ways:

  1. Breaks down hardened, dry skin to penetrate and emulsify damaged areas.

  2. Regenerates new, healthy skin cells that are soft and smooth.

  3. Healing herbal extracts give long term, penetrating moisture to maintain healing.

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