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Be a Sponge

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

I take part in numerous webinars even though they all end up wanting to sell me on their expertise and more paid webinars. Today I listened to one about creating good resumes. The expert said what we've been taught is now passe'. He went on to say that the cover letter we've writing should be ditched! All of those awards you've won? Leave them off. Look at the resume' as how the company will read it. Customize your resume so everything you want them to know is on it.

Getting those great jobs is about networking. Who you know and who knows you is important when it comes to your capability. Our many online forums and websites can lull you into thinking you are being seen. There are thousands of job applicants. You need to stand out.

Another type of sponge I'm aware of is one that I wholesale called Spongelle. These are body wash infused sponges, each with a unique scent. The ones pictured below (Pedi-buffers) also have an exfoliate that helps keep feet soft & callus free. All Spongelle offer many more than the 20+ washes they advertise on their package. We offer these all-in-one beauty treatments in four fragrances. Spongelle, originally called Spongeables, is a product that sells well.

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