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Award Winning Exfoliation

​                                                                                Exfoliating Mitt  *Min 12 units $120 




Visibly removes dead skin instantly due to uniquely woven fabric design

-Healthy skin revealed instantly using mitt and water only - no chemicals

-Reduces ingrown hairs, bumps and clogged pores

-Smoothes skin surface for even tanning and self-tanning products

                                                                              Deep Exfoliating Back Scrub  *Min 12 units $150



Made with a unique fabric texture, this luxury back scrubber visibly removes surface layers of build up and dead skin instantly!

- Reach areas of your back you normally may not be able to with our extra-wide diamond-shaped design 8” x 27”, super wide and super long

- Perfect for polishing and cleaning the back, neck, shoulders and hard to reach areas

-Improves circulation by massaging and invigorating skin

                                                                              Deep Exfoliating Face Mitt 


Evens skin tone, reduces blackheads, reduces pore visibility

- Removes makeup residue   - Suits every skin type

- Prepares for sunless tanning  - Leaves skin prepped to absorb nourishing moisturizers

- Perfect for your daily beauty regimen, travel or to the gym

Ask for Face Mitts or Men's Face Mitts (packaging different)

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