Tan Towels - self tanning wipes

Minimum Order:

Starter Pack w/Display   $367 Self Tanning Wipes

5TT 1/2 Body; 5TT+ 1/2 Body

5TT Full Body; 5TT+ Full Body

3On The Glow 8; 3-Face Tan


Step #1 Exfoliate

-Xfoliator 10bx-10ea  @12 $120cs


Step #2 Tan 

-TT Classic 1/2 Body 10bx-10ea @14.50bx $145/cs

-TT Plus 1/2 Body 10bx-10ea @14.50bx $145/cs


-TT Classic Full Body 10bx-5ea @14.50bx $145/cs

-TT Plus Full Body 10bx-5ea @14.50bx $145/cs


-Face-Tan/Self-Tan Anti-Aging 10ct @15bx $150cs Towelettes


-Tanning Spray 2 oz 10ct  @5  $50

-Tanning Spray 8 oz 10ct  @12  $120

-Express Tan Kit 5TT 1/2 Body Plus; 2oz Spray 10ct  $150/cs


Step #3 Moisturize Daily w/Tanning Lotion 

-On The Glow-2 10-2oz tubes @5  $50/cs

-On The Glow-8 10-8oz tubes @10  $100/cs  (Daily Moisturizing/Tanning Lotion)

-Body Glow BB Cream (Self Tanning Lotion) 10ct-5.7oz Tubes @12 $120/cs (Self Tanning Lotion)

-Moisture Mist Moisturizing spray 10ct-2oz bottles @4.20 $42/cs

-Bronzing Sunscreen Mist 6 oz  SPF-30 5ct  $16ea $80/cs

Counter Display $2

Face-Tan/Self-Tan Anti-Aging
Formulated with Aloe Vera, Pro Vitamin B5 and Pentavitin® to increase hydration providing a healthy-looking and long lasting sunless glow.
Tanning Spray
Easy to use self-tanner does not contain any stains or dyes
Express Tan Kit 5 Tan Towel Plus towelettes plus Express tanning mist for an immediate hint of radiant color.
On The Glow
Moisturizer. Daily use for one week will result in noticeable change in skin tone up to one full shade.
Bronzing Sunscreen Mist
Maintain protection from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays while being bronzed instantly!
Body Glow BB Cream
Formulated with rich shea butter, Gradual Self Tanning Body Balm

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