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Save My Feet Blister Elixir

Starter Assortment

  6 -4ounce tubes; 12-2ounce tubes  $143.10


 4ounce tube 9.95 (12/case) $119.40

 2ounce tube 6.95(18/case)  $125.10


​Save My Feet prevents your fabulous shoes from giving you not so fabulous blisters! By forming a non-detectable barrier on the foot that reduces friction, SMF prevents blisters & irritation from any shoe, sandal or boot!


– Greaseless and stainless, will not ruin shoes.
– Non-medicated-no odor-nice fresh scent.
– Lasts up to 8 hours, even under pantyhose.
– Works on all kinds of shoes, great with high heels!

Save My Feet Blister Elixir retail tube.
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