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Morning Glamour

Satin Pillowcases

Minimum Order: 18 units

- Standard/Queen Single Pack  @6.50 (min 12) $78

   Aqua  - Beige - Black - Charcoal - Chocolate Brown - Copper - Gold  - Ivory     -  Leopard  - Lilac - Marble - Pink - Silver  -  Soft Leopard - Taupe - Tie Dye - White

- King Single Pack @7.50 (min 6)  $45

    Ivory  -  Silver

Sound asleep on our turquoise satin pillow.
Morning Glamour's Charcoal, White and Black Satin pillowcases.

Redefine your sleep and wake up feeling more glamorous then the night before with the Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase. Gentle on hair and skin. Prevents wrinkles and bedhead. Made with friction-free 100% polyester satin charmeuse, the pillowcase helps you realize the true meaning of beauty rest.  Envelope closure.

Leopard satin pillowcase & retail packaging.
Here is a tie-dye, pink, white and silver satin pillowcase from Morning Glamour.
Morning Glamour gold satin pillowcase in retail packaging.
Here is a look at Morning Glamour's Soft Leopard satin pillowcase.
A white satin pillowcase is tried & true.
Morning Glamour silver satin pillowcase.
Do you like Morning Glamour's new copper satin pillowcase?

Morning Glamour Heatless Curler

Wake up to beautifully styled hair -without heat or damage

Kit includes: 1 Satin heatless curler , 1 Hair clip, 2 satin scrunchies 

Comes with step by step instructions.

Step 1: ‘The heatless Curler”’ works best on hair that is slightly damp.

Step 2: Use the hair clamp to secure the silk roller to the top of your hair. Then divide your hair into two sections, start on one side and wrap individual strands of hair around the heatless curler away from your face as if you were curling your hair with a wand or tong. You should be able to wrap both sections of your hair around each side of the satin roller, doing one side at a time. Secure with the satin hair scrunchies. Once you have done this you can remove the hair clamp from the top of your head for comfort if you want to.

Step 3: For best results we recommend leaving the heatless curler

n your hair for 6-7 hours, or if you prefer you can also sleep in it

overnight and remove the satin roller in the morning when you

wake up.


The reveal….  Gorgeous natural curls / waves without the need of any heat! What more could a girl want! 0% effort with 100% results.

Morning Glamour Heatless Curler retail packaging.
What you get inside Morning Glamour Heatless Curler set.
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