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Dry? I have a Solution.

Updated: May 12, 2023

If, as you age you find yourself getting drier or the climate you live in has added to the condition, I definitely have a product that will help correct that -- head to toe! This is my personal plug for a product called Prolistic Probiotic Lotion. It is a skin balancing lotion and I've never used nor sold any product that can compare to it.

It is a lightweight lotion that your skin will quickly absorb. Use it over and over to treat your skin condition! I do have a sample of it and of a high powered probiotic that I would be happy to share until samples run out. If you like it, the full bottle comes in a 5 fluid ounce bottle and there is a 30 day money back guarantee. The price for each, if you purchase through me, is $45 plus tax and shipping. These products are well worth the cost. Ask me for more information! My site is

Update 2023. Prolistic is a product not always for sale. I tend to purchase a year's supply at a time because I like it so much. If you want to be on my list for the next time it is available, please email me at I'll reach out to you when the time comes. I really, really like it. You will be able to purchase a tube (used to be a bottle) or more than one tube.

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