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Two New Product Lines

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

As of January we began offering two new product lines. First, let me introduce you to Dermasuri. Bringing Beauty secrets of the East to the West. Dermasuri, an award-winning skincare company that uses ancient Eastern beauty ingredients and rituals, passed down for generations. Known as Hollywood’s red carpet secret to create glowing skin, Dermasuri award-winning products are globally preferred by skin care specialists, makeup artists and beauty editors. I was told that Dermasuri is to skin like BabyFoot is to feet. That seems to be quite a complement!

Silkfeet screen is the perfect inexpensive product to use on your feet in between pedicures. The safe and effective screen will neither cut your skin nor shave it. Use on wet or dry feet, but I prefer dry skin.

For more information, check our updated website for details or give us a call when you have a minute.

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